Actemium Robotic System

Actemium Robotic System


MODEL: A robotic vial tray transfer system

YOM: 2016

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•  The tray transfer system allows the trays to be

transported from the outlet of the filler to a lyophilizer

in a CLASS A vertical laminar flow atmosphere.

•  A production includes the transfer of 180 trays in

a freeze-dryer,
this one is composed of 15 shelves that can each

contain 3 rows of 4 trays.

•  The number of bottles per tray is variable depending

on the size of the tray, several vial formats exist: 3mL, 4mL and 7mL.

•  The tray format is as follows:
Length 490mm
Width 309mm
Height 40mm
Aluminum thickness 3mm
•  Weight from tray including door and
7mL vials is approximately 7kg
•  The transfer has the following functions:
– Via a robot:
o Taking a tray from the empty tray storage cabinet
o Removal of 2 trays at the outlet of the filler
o Taking a full tray
o Movement to the door installation station
o Installation of the door
o Platform removal with door on overhead conveyor
– Aerial conveying of the platform to the descender
– Descent of the tray at the level of the conveyor to the

– Advance of the plate towards the orientation table
– Tray orientation
– Transfer from the tray to the freeze-dryer loader

•  The transfer rate is conditioned by the time it takes to fill a tray by the filler,
it is approximately 1 minute 45 seconds (minimum time for the 7mL format).